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ZSL London Zoo 03/04/2010

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The next day after our visit to University of Kent, we went to ZSL London Zoo. We took the concession ticket for students cost us 18 pounds each. The place is huge! Now, that’s a zoo. It is divided into categories such as aquarium, reptiles and amphibians, monkeys, birds, the outback, africa and many more. My favourite would have to be the aquarium and butterfly paradise. Never seen so many beautiful butterflies! In the butterflies paradise, they have to keep the temperature very very warm, just like tropical rainforest weather. But less than half of the animals in the zoo are in hiding, so you only see empty cages šŸ˜¦ well, it’s noboby’s fault, not like the zoo keeper have control of this. The zoo supports animal and habitat conservation. Many of the animals kept in the zoo are endangered species in the wild. The biggest threat for these animals in the wild are actually HUMANS! Shame on us.


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