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Sembayang Hajat dan Ceramah Motivasi 05/05/2011

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I’m trying out something new~ being in the UK has its privileges esp with internet and mobile connection. Now, I’m trying to update my blog via my Blackberry Storm 2. Let’s see how it goes.

Yesterday, Wednesday 4th May BruKent held sembayang sunnat Hajat berjamaah dan ceramah motivasi untuk memohon supaya d permudahkan menghadapi peperiksaan.

The event started around 2 pm with sembayang Zohor berjemaah led by Uztaz Samali from Brunei Student Unit. This was held at Rutherford College prayer room. Then followed by sembayang hajat and ceramah motivasi which was held at one of the seminar/tutorial room.

The ceramah was talking about how to prepare with the exam mentally and physically such as niat misti betul, tujuan misti clear, pandai menjaga waktu, istiqamah, sabar, kemas dengan masa dan persekitaran, bersyukur apa yang ada dan sentiasa berdoa.

Other point that I really like from the ceramah was ‘setiap yang payah ada jalan keluarnya’. So, whenever you encounter a difficulty, there is always a way out. Uztaz ada pesan, whenever ada call esp with parents back home jangan lupa pesan suruh doa2 anak disini. It was a really good motivational talk. Really glad I came and very well done to BruKent organizer esp to Rahman and Naqim.

This will be my last post before the exams. I will be having my exams this month. Will be on haitus and will be back (*on my blog) insyaAllah in June. *June till September will be project and dissertation~ 🙂

In the prayer room

In the prayer room

Ceramah motivasi

Ceramah motivasi


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